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  • Registration: AHA #651594
  • Stud Fee: $
  • This young Davenport stallion is just coming three and has a lot to offer with his excellent pedigree. He is chestnut with nice markings and great disposition.

Pal-Ara Rinestone

  • Registration: AHA #0579078
  • Stud Fee: $500
  • 100% Davenport beauty, new to breeding pool, double Brimstone with lines to *Wadduda. Shown successfully locally,great personality and wonderful friend. Excellent trail horse


  • Registration: AHA #
  • Stud Fee: $
  • He is Davenport Hamdie with a pedigree to dream for, 25% Kamil Ibn Salan, 31%Cressida and 12.5% Sahandad. Strain schilla plus shanad. Tail male is *Deyr

Pal-Ara Sensation

Pal-Ara Sensation

  • Registration: AHA #502275
  • Stud Fee: $
  • Pal-Ara Sensation is a 1993 Davenport stallion with a unique golden color. He is double Salutation breeding, core Schilla, tail male *Deyr and tail female *Urfah. He is an excellent saddle horse and friend.


  • This is a wonderful combined source stallion, he has size and balance. Has been show sports horse. Has produced palominos from colored mares. He is a very kind and friendly horse and he passed it along to his foals.


  • Registration: AHA #646633
  • Stud Fee: $
  • Lovely Davenport stallion with unique color. He is a light chestnut sabino with lots of white trim. Nice conformation and disposition. Strain core schilla, tail male *Deyr.

Porte CF

Porte CF

  • Registration: AHA #0599922
  • Stud Fee: $
  • Porte CF is EeAaGg, SCID clear, and undersaddle. A big Davenport at 15.1, he throws size, excellent temperament and athleticism. Visit us at: www.theweyrdavenports.com