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Subanet Jabbar SDA

Subanet Jabbar SDA
Registration AHR#645094 Roster Link https://alkhamsa.org/roster/pedigrees/S/Summer_Sonnet_SDA04f88.HTML Sire Summer Sonnett SDA Dam Bint Bint Subani Stud Fee Private treaty


  • Description:

    JABBAR is among the rarest of the rare! He descends from the desert blood guarded by the Bedouins, brought forward through the highest % of what remains of Abbas Pasha/Ali Pasha Sherif (Old Egyptian) breeding to modern heritage recognized from the programs of Babson and Doyle blood. He is a big, bold, smooth, mover - perfect for the sport of Endurance or other working performance pursuits. Available now to the public - Live Cover or AI stallion service. Tested clear for SCID/CA/LF.

Contact Name

Bev Davison - SpiritWind Desert Arabians, LLC



Indian Valley, Idaho (USA)