Because your input is important to Al Khamsa and its work, and because most horse people don't care much about reading bylaws to figure out how things work, below is some explanatory material on how Al Khamsa functions, how you can participate, and when your participation is especially needed.


Al Khamsa, Inc. is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation with the purpose "to educate the public about Al Khamsa Arabian Horses so that those horses may be available for future generations." (All quotes are from the bylaws.)

Supporters Welcome

Participation is "open to all persons having an active interest in Al Khamsa Arabian horses." Al Khamsa board meetings are open to the public. You are welcome at Al Khamsa business meetings, conventions, seminars and horse fantasias, and your help is solicited for Al Khamsa projects, publications, booths and other public presentations.

Advisory Council

In many ways, the Advisory Council functions much like a general membership meeting in an organization that, unlike Al Khamsa, has members. Those attending the annual meeting, providing they are 18 or over, resident of the US or Canada, and have an ownership interest in at least one Al Khamsa Arabian horse, make up the Advisory Council. In addition to having a veto over amendments to the Bylaws, Charter and Roster of horses, the Advisory Council elects three delegates to represent itself on the Board of Delegates, and makes a recommendation to the Board of Delegates as to who it would like to see hold the office of President for the coming year.


Your Directors, Officers and Committees are shown in the front of each issue of the Khamsat and are posted on the website.

Your input in Al Khamsa, Inc. is not only welcome, it is vital for the organization to continue to grow and pursue its purpose.

Government of Al Khamsa, Inc. is "under the direction of a Board of Directors," with input from all supporters gratefully received. An annual business meeting is held, and all official meetings are open to the public. Because Al Khamsa has no members in a corporate sense, the Board of Directors is appointed rather then elected. The appointments are made by the Board of Delegates, a representative assembly designed to reflect the interests of the various participants in Al Khamsa activities.

Non-profit corporations are ordinarily run completely by their Board of Directors. Al Khamsa, Inc. wanted its supporters to have a veto over the Board of Directors in the event that it felt the Board was going in the wrong direction. On votes concerning amendments to the Bylaws, the Charter or the Roster of horses called Al Khamsa Arabian horses, "Third-Party Approval" is required for passage. This "Third-Party Approval" is provided by the Advisory Council.

Board of Delegates

The Board of Delegates is a representative body made up of Delegates elected  the Advisory Council in attendance at the annual meeting. The past administration of Al Khamsa is represented by the past President, and the Board of Delegates is headed by the current President. The duty of the Board of Delegates is to appoint the new President and the new Board of Directors.

The Board of Delegates is formed as follows:

  • The Advisory Council at each annual meeting elects three Delegates to represent itself on the Board of Delegates. The Delegates elected by the Advisory Council  help bring new faces into the government of Al Khamsa.

The Board of Directors is represented on the Board of Delegates by the immediate past President and the current President. This helps to insure continuity in the government of Al Khamsa, Inc.

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